Elimay Immunity bottle

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When you get sick or are about to, you usually take preventative measures to nip it in the bud or eat immunity-boosting foods like chicken soup, or vitamins.  Immunity is the “chicken soup” for your dog!

Your dog needs the same, Immunity is the answer.

Immunity is a daily supplement for dogs that promotes the building of a strong immune response. What does this mean? With a combination of specially selected herbs that support liveliness and health, Elimay Immunity helps a dog’s body rebalance its immune function and helps your dog feel better overall.

As your dog ages (around 10 yrs+), there are critical enzymes that slow down or stop being produced, just like with us humans.  That is when you start your pet on Immunity.  When your dog gets sick, the resistance to virus and pathogens is compromised and thus needs support, this is when you start your dog on Elimay’s Immunity daily.

So what does Elimay’s Immunity do? It ensures that your dog has the critical nutrients in its body to help it fight off daily attacks.  These attacks happen at the cells, and the cells need critical enzymes and vitamins to stay strong.  Your dog receives these nutrients from food, but if you’re feeding your pet processed foods then they may not be getting these nutrients.  Second, even if you feed your pet a great raw diet, it may still not be able to process the food for the cells to use effectively.

This usually happens when it gets older and so introducing Immunity will help your dog stay out of the hospital for common ailments and keep your hospital costs down!!  Isn’t it worth just $1/day with Elimay Immunity and keep your dog out of the hospital?


When used as a daily supplement or as a supplement to therapy, Elimay Immunity works in the following ways:

  • Helps build the body’s natural immune response by helping to stimulate a dog’s immune system
  • Helps the body rebalance its immune function
  • Supports liveliness and health with selected herbs to maintain a healthy immunity


Small Dogs (up to 25 lbs): 1-2 capsule daily
Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs): 3-4 capsules divided daily
Large Dogs (51- 75 lbs): 4-5 capsules divided daily
Extra Large Dogs (above 75 lbs): 6 capsules divided daily

The Softgel Capsule can be used in 3 ways:

  • Simply Bite into the flavor: The dog can simply bite into the capsule and enjoy the flavor.
  • Twist It: Remove the small top portion of the Soft gel Capsule by twisting off at the snap point or cutting the snap point with a pair of scissors. Squeeze the contents into the dog food completely and discard the shell.
  • Swallow: The dog can simply swallow the Softgel capsule.