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At Elimay Supplements we understand how dogs are loved as part of the family. Eli May was one such special dog who shared her happiness, wide-eyed innocence, and white fur over everything and everyone around her. When Eli May developed cancer, her owner cared for her, empathized with her pain and suffering, and was bereaved when she finally passed away.

Elimay Supplements was founded in her honor to provide dogs with the best health products without any compromise on quality. We strive to help our animal companions have their best, most active fulfilling lives with those who care for them.

Elimay Supplement’s co-founders took this vision into their hands to improve the quality of life for suffering dogs through research and product formulations. Years later, after extensive research and development, a quality line of Elimay Supplements was created with a goal to help pets live wholesome lives. With advances in technology and the scientific community, all-natural supplements have been formulated with dogs and their owners in mind. Elimay’ s spirit of innovation thrives on the growing health needs of our furry friends.

Elimay Supplements strives to help our animal companions have the best, most active fulfilling life with those who care for them.



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