Elimay Chemo Detox bottle

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Chemo Detox

Elimay Chemo Detox is a blend of herbs that support natural detox and purification processes during chemotherapy.

  • One bottle contains 60 capsules
  • 60 day supply for average sized dogs (see table below for dosages)


Elimay Chemo Detox has other benefits:

  • Helping the body neutralize toxins so they can
    easily leave the body
  • Stimulating the liver, gall bladder, and immune
    functions to encourage natural detox
  • Providing antioxidants that can neutralize free
    radicals that can damage cells
  • Soothing the gastrointestinal tract to
    encourage the appetite and easing digestion


1 capsule daily per 25lbs twice a day.

The Softgel Capsule can be used in 3 ways:

  • Simply Bite into the flavor: The dog can simply bite into the capsule and enjoy the flavor.
  • Twist It: Remove the small top portion of the Soft gel Capsule by twisting off at the snap point or cutting the snap point with a pair of scissors. Squeeze the contents in to the dog food completely and discard the shell.
  • Swallow: The dog can simply swallow the Softgel capsule.