Elimay Chemo Detox bottle

Chemo Detox

Elimay Chemo Detox supports the body’s natural processes of cleansing and elimination. Chemo Detox is a specially formulated product used to support the body in its natural detoxification and purification processes, thereby assisting in toxin elimination during chemotherapy.

Elimay Detox bottle


Elimay Detox is a liver support supplement containing ingredients working synergistically to support your dog’s liver function. Over time and with age, toxins accumulate in your dog’s liver. The liver operates less efficiently and toxins are dumped into the bile which often then gets rerouted into the bloodstream. It, therefore, becomes very important to cleanse and detoxify the liver.

Elimay Immunity bottle


Elimay Immunity contains a combination of especially selected herbs known for their immune tonic properties, ability to support liveliness and health, and for their cleansing actions. Many dogs have compromised immune systems, particularly if they are dealing with abnormal cell growth or other health issues. Chemotherapy treatment further weakens your dog’s natural immune response.

Elimay Immunity bottle


Elimay Longevity is a blend of essential nutrients and herbs that may improve the overall health of your dog by ensuring proper growth and development, helping support immunity, supporting digestion, and helping in detoxification.

Elimay Omegas bottle


Elimay Omegas is a daily supplement for dogs to ensure normal functioning of every system in the body, particularly the immune system. It helps to increase your dog’s appetite, help with inflammatory diseases, provide the necessary amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, enhance the quality of life parameters through its well-proven antioxidant effect, work as an adjunct to conventional therapy, and is especially beneficial to aging animals, and animals with problems with abnormal cell growth.

Elimay Onco Care bottle

Onco Care

Elimay Onco Care supplement contains a blend of herbs which can be given along with the chemotherapy program to dogs suffering from abnormal cell growth. Onco Care works to support quality of life during treatment for abnormal cell growth.

Elimay Pain Care bottle

Pain Care

Elimay Pain Care is a blend of herbs to support your dog’s normal daily aches and pains.